Three women, a law firm, no fall back plan

Written by Kim Lyons on .

The latest in our Entrepreneurs series is by my colleague Bill Toland, about three women who forged ahead with starting their own law firm:


There is no fallback plan for Jennifer Enciso, Darcy Dayton and Amy Kaikis.

When the three lawyers left a small North Hills real estate and title firm this year to start their own property firm -- setting their own schedules, finding their own clients, appointing their new offices in a former Bloomfield hardware store -- they did so with the knowledge that it would be hard to ever again work for a firm if they weren't in charge.

"All of us are on the same page," said Ms. Kaikis of Shadyside. "I don't know if I can go back to working for someone else after this. So I have to make this work."

They have made it work with surprising efficiency. Some entrepreneurs spend years drafting business plans, rehabbing buildings, lining up financing. But for these attorneys, the launch of their own firm happened in mere weeks.


You can find the complete series here: The Entrepreneurs




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