Women lawyers probably know this...

Written by Kim Lyons on .


...since they had to go through the same amount of law school as their male counterparts. But at least one (London-based) law firm believes giving a presentation is a daunting task for its female lawyers, and put together a list of "helpful" tips, which include such suggestions as "don't giggle" and "don't read your Powerpoint" (but do take a class on effective Powerpoints) and minutiae about putting notes in a folder and not stapling them. 

Of course the memo addresses the proper way to dress: "wear a suit, not your party outfit" and "if wearing a skirt, make sure audience can't see up it [nice grammar, that] when sitting on the dais," and my favorite: "no one heard Hillary the day she showed cleavage."

Not even sure what that last one refers to, honestly.

What's most disheartening is that according to the excellent Above the Law blog, this list was compiled by the firm's Women's Committee, which is made up of women, so, it's women giving other women these suggestions. If you read the whole memo, it's hard to see anything other than passive-aggressive mean girls being nasty to their colleagues. I've never gone to law school, but I am led to believe it is fairly rigorous training, and that women and men get the same classes. If men know not to show cleavage and not to giggle during a presentation, it's probably safe to assume their female counterparts know this too.

Hopefully this law firm has equally "helpful" tips for their male lawyers, just in case.


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