Blogging for your law firm: A primer

Written by Kim Lyons on .

Blogging on a legal issues blog about another blog that blogged tips about how to blog for your law firm may seem like a dog chasing its tail, but, in the spirit of opening a dialogue, I thought I'd give it a try.

The Strategist blog offers Five things to Consider When Posting on your Law Firm Blog, and it actually hits on some of the basic principles of journalism's inverted pyramid: Who (audience), what (content) when (frequency) and why (topics). 

The author notes that blogging isn't as simple as updating your Facebook status. 

The full post is here: 

Five Things to Consider When Posting on Your Law Firm Blog


H/t to Duquesne University Law School for tweeting the link. 


How often do you update your blog? I am guilty of neglect, but at least feel guilty about it... that counts, right? 


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