"The Walking Dead" has fans talking 'Dead

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So, two for the price of one.
Spoiler alert for fans who have yet to see last night's Season 7 premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead": it was Glenn, after all.
But first, it was Abraham, as charming monster Negan swung for the fences, thus ending a months-long cliffhanger.
It wasn't pretty. Incidentally, fans can pay their respects in person to the actor playing Abraham, Michael Cudlitz, when he visits Pittsburgh's Steel City Con in December.
Internet reaction to the killings Sunday night/Monday morning was heavy on the "I'm-never-watching-again" for a number of reasons. First, the incredible amount of gore on a 9 p.m. basic cable program.
Two weeks ago, FX's "American Horror Story" (a program that delights in over-the-top ickiness) showed Denis O'Hare's character having his head smashed to a pulp. 
Gross, yes. But the theme of AHS this season has been showing scary stuff in the context of a cheesy reality program. His was the rather dispassionate killing of someone viewers didn't really know or care about.
The character of Negan, however, that's a horse of a different blood-red color. And the potential victims were (mostly) people fans have grown to know and love over the years.
We all know that in Robert Kirkman's graphic novels, fan favorite Glenn (Steven Yeun) is chosen by Negan to be clubbed to death with a barbed-wire-covered baseball bat. 
But the showrunners -- including Pittsburgh native Greg Nicotero, who directed the episode -- already have veered from the printed page in various ways.
When Abraham turned out to be Negan's initial victim, Twitter reaction at #TheWalkingDead was mainly "R.I.P., soldier, at least it wasn't Glenn."
Not so fast...
Rick (Andrew Lincoln) had to go through a somewhat pointless RV ritual with Negan. This generated fake-out speculation that even MORE of our hardy band of survivors were clubbed. But there was little doubt that what happened to Glenn, our beloved pizza delivery boy, was no imagined flashback.
His final words to Maggie ("I will find you") were the true emotional core of the episode. That Hallmark Channel dinner at the end of the episode? The one that was supposed to lighten the traumatic load just dumped on fans? Uh, no. Please don't do that again.
It's Negan's world now, and everyone else just lives in it. If he's in a good mood.
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