"Walking Dead's" Josh McDermitt happy to hug it out for fans at Wizard World Comic Con in Pittsburgh

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Josh McDermitt has been traveling a lot this summer, with Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh just the latest stop. By the looks of his time spent this morning signing autographs for fans of AMC's "The Walking Dead," the actor is genuinely having a great time.

"This is really a special thing for me," he said, having just created a 360-degree selfie video with some young fans. "You end up seeing people on the streets, and you take a picture and spend a few minutes with them, but to just experience the joy and excitement of people for the project you're on... look, I was a fan of 'The Walking Dead' before I started working on it, so if I wasn't on the show I would be right here in line with everyone else."

He wasn't about to merely sit behind a table, signing. There were selfies and handshakes and hugs and, had someone asked him to waltz with them, McDermitt would likely have done that as well. One of the David Lawrence convention center staff assigned to keeping everyone in line noted that on Saturday, McDermitt someone ended up on the floor for a photo.


At one point, he turned to where a woman sat, wearing a vest and shorts.

"This Halloween, you go dressed as Eugene. The mullet, the vest, the shorts -- boom, you've got it!"


"It's so fun to share the excitement and joy and the fervor and the rabid nature of these fans, it's just so exciting," McDermitt said. "It's our Super Bowl, in a sense."

His "Walking Dead" character had fallen into better graces by the end of last season. McDermitt plays Eugene Porter, a geeky guy with a mullet who pretends to be a scientist who could save mankind. Turns out, Eugene is just a geeky guy with a mullet who reads a lot, was probably great at "Jeopardy" before the zombie apocalypse and a great liar.

But he eventually proved his mettle in combat and seems to have found a place in the new world order of Alexandria. "The Walking Dead" returns October 11, having scored 15.8 million live viewers for its Season 5 finale in March.

McDermitt, who said at least six people stopped to ask for autographs when he went out for coffee Sunday morning, isn't taking the show's popularity for granted. Neither are his fellow cast members.

"We've all worked on other projects where that kind of stuff doesn't happen."





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