Wizard World Con postscript: I am the villain

Written by Sharon Eberson on .

Excuse me while I smack myself around a bit. I returned to the Wizard World Comic Con at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for its final day, this time with colleague Maria Sciulllo, and we stopped by where Sean Pertwee, aka "Gotham's" Alfred, was back signing autographs.

He straightened me out -- very nicely -- about the fact that he stayed up late to watch episodes of season two of "Gotham," but any tardiness at the autograph table Saturday was because the photos for signing were delayed. He would never keep fans waiting, of course.

He was still very gracious and we talked about all sorts of things regarding the "Gotham" bad guys and Jim Gordon and ... OK, I will not be a villain again and give anything away before season two premieres Sept. 21  on Fox. 

CapAmericaJessie Glover decked out as Captain America.I also was a villain to a couple of emailers who said I was wrong in a preview story that Lou Ferrigno had not played a security guard in Ang Lee's "Hulk" (he did; but he also was a guard in another Hulk film) and that Bill Bixby went by David Banner, not Bruce (as in the comic books), in the TV series. He did, but his name was revealed as "David Bruce Banner." It is seen that way on a tombstone shown at the beginning of every episode of the series.

You guys are tough! As you should be.

I didn't make it to panels this weekend because of other reporting duties, but I'd love to hear from those of you who attended about what you thought of the first Wizard Con at the convention center. Ballroom A that housed the vendor and artists booths and signings and photo ops had wide gaps of space that were nice when things got crowded but made the space seem sparsely populated compared to other cons I've been to, from Steel City Con in Monroeville to the biggie in San Diego. 

One of the costumes I was drawn to among cosplayers on Saturday was worn by Jessie Glover, 25, of Greensburg. He said his Cap costume was one of his most elaborate and expensive among several he has worn to other cons. He pieced things together to create the overall look, but the jacket, he said, was custom-made, one of a kind. "The shield I painted myself, the helmet I painted, most everything else is bought from various places," he said.

On the celebrity front, there were no-shows, dropouts and additions that shook up the original announcement -- Nathan Fillion and Colm Meaney were absent due to conflicts early on, and newlywed Ian Somerhalder was a later no-show, while David Duchovny and The Walking Dead's" Josh McDermitt and Eddie McClintock were more recent additions. I never saw William Shatner on the convention floor, but cheers went up and attendees seemed to have lots of fun because of the graciousness of celebs such as Pertwee, Ferrigno, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Dean Cain, Mitch Pileggi, James Marsters and more. 

TolinFXSeen at the TolinFX booth at Wizard World Con.On Sunday, Maria and I watched folks from Tolin FX help cosplayers look their grossest and explain how they make it appear that someone has taken a bullet to the head. We left before any "blood" was spilled.

I hope the timing is better next time for me to make it to panels such as "Superstar Artists Tell (and Show All!), with Mike McKone (Justice League) and Scott McDaniel (Batman) among others. And skipping from DC to Marvel, there was "Talkin' Spider-Man (& Spider-Girl) with Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Patrick Olliffe and Danny Fingeroth. After all, these pop-culture conventions still call themselves "comic cons."

I would love to hear your experiences at this year's Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh I. Please send to and I will share them in this space (be civil to be counted). And let me know if you have some suggestions that would make WWCCP II a super experience. 

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