Gillian Jacobs still part of the "Community"

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"It's back from the dead!"

Gillian Jacobs, who plays Britta Perry on beloved cult sitcom, "Community," might have added a demonic laugh here (something along the lines of "muahahahahaha!"). Instead, she waxed philosophic in recalling the rise and fall and rise and fall of the former NBC show.

Despite a social media campaign to save it after years of near-cancellation (#sixseasonsandamovie), "Community" was cancelled, for real, last year.

"I was shocked when it was cancelled but I guess I should have seen the writing on the wall," said Jacobs, who was a theater kid growing up in Mt. Lebanon. "But to be an emotionally healthy person, you have to move on."

brittaIn the waning days of the contract with NBC, Yahoo! Screen stepped in and announced it would air 13 episodes of a new season of "Community." 

The entire season will be available March 17. Earlier episodes are currently running on the site.

What began as creator Dan Harmon's strange little world of a community college study group morphed into the kind of meta, quotable show that defies easy explanation (imagine if Ken Burns produced a documentary about a town of giant blanket fortresses). But fans adored it.

So perhaps the mystery is, why wasn't the show bounced from network TV a lot earlier?

"It really is a remarkable gift, for a show that had such a small, cult audience, to have made over a hundred episodes now," said Jacobs, who recently made her directorial debut with a short documentary, "The Queen of Code."

"It's kind of incredible. And I do think we're part of television history as part of this crazy journey."

After "Community" wraps, Jacobs is set to star in a new Judd Apatow comedy on Netflix, "Love." Joining Jacobs is Paul Rust, as a couple exploring their relationship. It's already been given a two-season commitment.







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