OK Go ups the music video ante with 'I Won't Let You Down'

Written by Maria Sciullo on .


When OK Go played Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago, front man Damian Kulash mentioned the group had been in Japan, filming a music video.

Heavens to Busby Berkeley, this is no ordinary film. Even by OK Go's insanely creative standards (the Rube Goldberg 'This Too Shall Pass,' puppy dogs in 'White Knuckles,' 'optical illusions for 'The Writing's On the Wall'), the debut of 'I Won't Let You Down' defies belief.

In what appears to be one seamless shot (camera drone?), the guys start out riding motorized unicycles inside of a building. They zip outside, where they're suddenly part of an elaborate choreography involving schoolgirls with umbrellas.

The end is a showstopper: what appears to be hundreds of people -- including OK Go, still on their cycles -- forming a human LED ticker. It's all shot from high above, flashing "lights" of red and green. 

OKGO2The song is from OK Go's new album, "Hungry Ghosts," which dropped mere hours after the band's Mr. Small's concert. Creative director is Morihiro Harano, although given their past inventions, one can imagine Kulash, Tim Nordwind, Dan Konopka and Andy Ross must have spent some happy hours storyboarding the whole thing out on the floor with Legos.

Left: Damian Kulash amid streaming confetti at Mr. Smalls in Millvale.

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