Geek Girls' Adventures at the Steel City Con

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CainSCC08092014GEEK CITY, PA

SHARON: Greetings from the Steel City Con, the historically toys and collectibles show that continues to grow in pop-culture scope at the Monroeville Convention Center. Maria Sciullo (you'll be hearing from her soon) and I walked floor today looking not just for the best deal on a Rocket Raccoon or chain mail armor for a dog or cat, but to check out the celebs and the cosplayers and just mingle with fellow geeks.

Maria and I have compiled some scenes from the experience. That's Joshua joining us for a "Live Long and Prosper" moment  and the artist is Ryan Dawson, whose renderings of characters from "Frozen" seemed to be selling well (I preferred the guys from "Sherlock," myself). The celebs we saw signing autographs included LeVar Burton, Penny Marshall, Dean "Superman" Cain (right) and Butch "Eddie Munster" (all pictured here).

Steel City Con continues tomorrow with a costume contest and will be back in December.


MARIA: Steel City Con: where your dreams of taking a selfie with the Batmobile come true.

My trek (ha ha, I wrote "Trek") was more about searching for action figures than seeing the celebs at the autograph tables. That said, it was nice to finally meet special make-up effects icon Tom Savini face to face (left).

(Savini, by the by, had a cameo as himself in "The Simpsons' " well-regarded "Worst Episode Ever.")
There were plenty of would-be Comic Book Guys at the Monroeville Convention Center Saturday.
As the day went on, the crowds increased and it became increasingly difficult to scour the aisles without literally bumping into some manner of space man or beast. Not that there's anything wrong with that, many of the outfits were very impressive.
The ones that weren't, well, Etsy charm counts for a lot, too. 
Check out a PG Video of the goings-on Saturday at




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