Pittsburgh actor Tom Atkins mistaken for Stan Lee -- what do you think?

Written by Sharon Eberson on .

Tom Atkins was talking about his starring role as The Stage Manager in Pittsburgh Public Theater's "Our Town" (more on that closer to the Sept. 26 opening) when PPT artistic director Ted Pappas and I got to talking about our geek leanings (he's a Trekker!). We were exchanging stories when Atkins -- "The Chief" to many theater-goers in our town -- told one of his own.

He noticed a film crew Downtown shooting exteriors for the TV series "Those Who Kill" and was talking to a security guard, who declared, "I know you." Atkins said, "Yeah, I'm an old actor ...," when he was interrupted. "You look just like Stan Lee!" the guard declared.

2013LeeAndAtkinsWell, now that you mention it, there really are certain similarities between the stage and screen actor and Spider-Man/X-Men co-creator Lee, even in their voices. Here's a side-by-side comparison, which makes me think: If a movie of Lee's life is ever made, Pittsburgh may have just the guy to play him.

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