Campers just want to go jump in the lake

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Lakes are creepy. A lake is a watery refuge for all sorts of slimy creatures to hide, from the seemingly innocuous sunfish (oh sure, they're cute but those fins are sharp, man) to the occasional monster. Which is why a recurring theme in summer TV promotions this year send chills down our spine: people jumping into lakes.

They look happy: canonballs all around, last one in is a rotten egg, yada yada. But we know better.

vineyard 300x225Before their seasons are through, whether we're talking the USA reality show "Summer Camp," (top) the NBC scripted series, "Camp," (bottom) or the upcoming ABC Family docu-series, "The Vineyard," (right), oh yes, there will be drama.

(And please, we know that Martha's Vineyard is not surrounded by a lake. Salt water is even worse: sharks!!)

Did no one ever watch "Lake Placid"?

Yet this makes us nostalgic for a camp-themed show cancelled way too soon: ABC Family's "Huge."

Set in a camp for overweight teens, it starred Nikki Blonsky of "Hairspray" fame and a talented young cast that has gone on to varying levels of success. (Molly Tarlov is currently menacing classmates on MTV's fine "Awkward.")

The show explored themes of attraction, loyalty, sexual orientation, friendship and what it means to be unconventionally beautiful. So of course it didn't do well in the ratings. To the best of our knowledge, there were no episodes of everyone jumping into the lake together.

Smart kids.

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