Pittsburgh's Alaska says idea of winning 'RuPaul's Drag Race' makes her feel "just like Kate Middleton"

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Girls just wanna have fun, especially as they race, stiletto-to-stiletto, down the home stretch of Logo's "RuPaul's Drag Race."

Alaska and fellow finalist Jinkx Monsoon appear to be having a great time, especially if it ticks off Contestant No. 3, Roxxxy Andrews. Last night, in what was promoted as the finale (but wasn't; that's May 6), the two tore it up in a series of challenges that allowed them to be their funny selves.

This did not please pageant queen Roxxxy, who complained, after tanking in a courtroom comedy challenge, that courtrooms are not funny.


So she turned to berating Jinkx -- and to her credit, later apologized. Still, the claws were out.

Jinkx to Roxxxy: "So what has been your favorite moment in this competition?"

Roxxxy: "Seeing you in the bottom two."

Later, Alaska threw shade when Jinkx asked her the same question. This time, the answer was the same, but to sarcastic effect.

The courtroom challenge, by the way, was truly a highlight of the two comedy queens' talents. Everyone had to play three parts, and a highlight was Alaska as a chain-smoking, 60-year-old defense attorney.

Later, on the runway, she gave an impassioned speech to "defend her life" and convince the judges why she should follow in the high-heeled footprints of her boyfriend, Season 4 winner Sharon Needles.

Going high fashion on the runway (all pale face and lips with a corona of blond hair and ultra-smoky eyes), she closed out her last catwalk to the praise of the judges. And after expressing anxiety that people might think she's just riding Sharon's spooky-glam coattails, Santino Rice told her "you're not in anyone's shadow."

A highlights show is promised for next Monday, with a reunion and the crowning of a winner the following week. In the meantime, the show is asking viewers to visit the show home page and tweet @RuPaulsDrag Race using the #DragRace hashtag.

May the best woman win.

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