From Wiz Khalifa to 'Hemlock Grove,' Carrie Furnace is a film star

Written by Maria Sciullo on .


Former Pittsburgher Brian McGreevy said recently that he re-wrote a big part of his almost-finished novel, "Hemlock Grove" after getting a VIP tour of the Carrie Furnace site along the Monongahela River.

"Brian came here and wanted to learn how iron and steel were made," said Ron Baraff, director of museum collections and archives for the Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation. "I took him to Carrie for a couple of days, so what's in the book, that's Carrie. It's a shame that isn't Carrie [on screen in the new Netflix series of the same name], other than a few shots at the site."

hmlkg pds 138 h 3McGreevy and writing partner Lee Shipman adapted the goth horror story for Netflix -- the series launches Friday -- with an eye toward preserving the moody backdrop of a crumbling steel town. A production crew arrived at the old Homestead Works last autumn to shoot with actors Bill Skarsgard and Landon Liboiron.

In one scene early in the series, the two are perched on a catwalk.

"It was a really small crew, small enough to have more flexibility when they shot at the top of the furnaces," Baraff said. "Places, I would not normally take the public, but are still stable enough that I could take a small crew up."

Carrie has been in so many film projects, she could qualify for her own SAG card. Besides starring in Wiz Khalifa's music video for "Work Hard Play Hard," she was featured on "Antiques Road Show," the feature film "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh," and the upcoming "Out of the Furnace," the Travel Channel's "Off Limits," numerous documentaries and the pilot for A&E's "Those Who Kill," which recently was picked up as a series and will be produced in Pittsburgh.

There is no guarantee that the image of Skarsgard pictured here is actually in the Carrie Furnace, but it does make a lovely, creepy stand-in, no?



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