"The Joe Schmo Show" readies for big reveal

Written by Maria Sciullo on .

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Chase Rogan has been so unfailingly nice, it's hard to guess what his reaction will be on camera when Spike TV's "The Joe Schmo Show" airs its finale Tuesday night. Over the course of 13 days last summer, he was subjected to a dizzying array of reality show tropes while competing -- or so he believed -- for $100,000 on a fake contest called "The Full Bounty."

Rogan seemed comfortable making fun of himself when he and some friends sat down to watch the penultimate episode last week. At one point, when he was shown gently asking his "spirit animal" (a llama) if it wanted to lie down, the room errupted with laughter.

Whether he wins any money remains to be seen, and Rogan was tight-lipped about spoilers. He did have one disappointment, however, during the taping. Since this was a show for would-be bounty hunters and he wanted to look "tough", he had grown a beard before leaving Pittsburgh for California.

The producers decided at the last minute they'd rather have him clean-shaven, as he had been during his audition.

"We were in the parking lot of a Carl's Jr. and I had to go shave it off in the restroom. I didn't even have a mirror, just my sunglasses. I just had a razor blade and some hand soap."

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