Belvederes Ultra-Dive ready to show off new look

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belviesphoto of revonation from Belvie's FB pagWelcome back, Belvie’s!


One of Butler Street's premier hangouts, Belvederes-Ultra-Dive, will formally reboot tonight with a Grand Opening Party featuring dance tunes by DJs Hank D, Jx4 and Get Weird DUO Cucitroa and Dizcrepncy.


Belvederes -- a Lawrenceville hub over the past decade for punk, indie and metal bands and ‘80s/’90s dance nights -- closed in late December 2014 after damage from a 4:30 a.m. kitchen fire.

Initially, they expected to be down for just a few months. It’s taken 16. But until the Belvies' regulars dirty it up, it will be less of a dive. Among the upgrades: three new pool tables, a new hand-built back bar, higher ceilings, a capacity jump a little over 200 to 320, and, for you people who like to breathe, “the smoke eaters are actually plugged in so there’s that (aka less stank)."

"It is a smoking bar, however nowhere close to before," says Joy Toujours, party manager at Belvies. "At the end of old Belv nights you could see a cloud halfway to the ground. With the new system it was clear as can be when we turned on lights last night. [The club has had a soft opening.] And my clothes don't even smellvederes!!!"

The first live show will be of the Mongolian folk-metal fiddle and throat-singing variety with Tengger Cavalry on June 3 ($10 at the door).


 “We will be doing live shows again and already have some nice shows booked but not until June,” said a Facebook post. “We feel we are better at dancing so we will be continuing a strong DJ lineup but will still do live music mixed in also. Our capacity is up quite a bit so thats a thing too.”

 Here is the schedule for the first week:

 Friday, May 20: Grand Opening Party with DJs Hank D, Jx4 and Get Weird DUO Cucitroa and Dizcrepncy.

 Saturday, May 21: The Return of ’90s Nite with Sean MC + DJ Thermos

 Sunday, May 22: Eclectic Funk with Brotha Free

 Monday, May 23: Safety Pins and Razor Blades with DJ 1984 (jimmy)

 Tuesday, May 24: Karaoke with T$

 Wednesday, May 25: CLOSED for Private Thingy

 Thursday, May 26: First Official 80s NIGHT NEONEONEON with h8su2

 Friday, May 27: PoP RockS (innocent pleasures from TayTay to MIA w Djs NICE REC and killjoy)

 Saturday, May 28: 10 YEAR anny DOWN AND DERBY w Djs Jx4 + Nugget

 Belvederes is at 4016 Butler St. in Lawrenceville



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