Mind Cure issues Backlash LP from 'The Aarrghman' of Eide's

Written by Scott Mervis on .

aarghIf you were a regular at Eide’s Records back in the late ’80s, you’ll remember the store’s kind metal aficionado Danny “The Aarrghman” Macosko, who also had the column The Aarrghman’s Pit in the Warhammer zine and hosted The Aarrghman’s Pit live shows.

What you might not know is that Mr. Macosko, who died in 1995 from cystic fibrosis, fronted a metal band, a la Sabbath/Motorhead/Pentagram, called Backlash with Rob Tabachka (of Eviction), Bill Koblak and Shawn Usel. It released a cassette from a recording at Audiomation.

“I had heard about it over the years,” says Michael Seamans, owner of the Polish Hill-based Mind Cure Records. “Whenever I would ask people if they had a copy, they were shy about handing it out. One day I was getting a tattoo from Todd Porter [of Eviction] and he said, ‘I have it on my iPod. I could play it for you right now.’ ”

Backlash coverUpon hearing it, Mr. Seamans decided it rocked sufficiently (and it does) to release the Backlash songs as part of his series of reissues of classic Pittsburgh bands, which has included The Bats, The Modey Lemon and Real Enemy.

The six-song Backlash LP will be released on vinyl for the first time, with a download for six more demos. This is a different kind of project for Mind Cure, he says, in that Backlash didn’t play out much and wasn’t very well known in Pittsburgh.

But, he says, “Aarrghman is this legendary character from being this longtime Eide’s employee and all these guys are the quintessential record store crew. They’re what people think of when they think of an underground record store.”

There will be release party from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, May 20, at Saints and Sinners tattoo studio, 252 S. Highland Ave., Highland Park, for the Backlash vinyl as well as the new/old Eviction demo “Struggle with Society.”

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