Jerry's Records NOT closing!

Written by Scott Mervis on .

jerryweberJerry Weber/ Larry Roberts photoWith the news of the Other Music Record Shop in the East Village of New York City closing in June, I'm reminded of a conversation I had in the hallway of Jerry's Records in Squirrel Hill on Saturday.

"Scotty!," Jerry Weber yelled to me from his crowded perch at the register. "Tell the people, put it on your web site: We're not closing!"

"Jerry," I said. "We don't usually run news of stores NOT closing. What would I do: run a headline: 'Jerry's NOT closing'?"

"Yeah!," he said. "Since that story ran, I've had no less than a hundred calls asking if we're closing."

That story was the April 26 news that Jerry's was selling its collection of nearly 700,000 singles to a German buyer. He made it clear in the story that the singles were not a hot commodity here among people who don't have jukeboxes (which is a lot) and that he wanted to make more room for vinyl in the store, but that was not the message people took away from it.

A weeks before that, on Record Store Day, Jerry's gave away nearly 50,000 records (a drop in the bucket) to clear stock from the Bargain Basement, which he does plan to close by the end of the year.

That aside, the simple message from Jerry Weber is: Stay calm, vinyl junkies, the world is not ending.

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