Eric Leeds: Hundreds of Prince songs in the vault

Written by Scott Mervis on .

Prince-Eric-LeedsEric Leeds was gracious enough to spend an hour on the phone with me on Saturday recounting his days as a member of Prince's band.

The saxophonist, who was raised in Pittsburgh and played in the Keystone Rhythm Band, talked in detail about how he got into the Revolution and what it was like to record and tour with Prince.  

There was one thing, however, that I neglected to ask him, so I reached out to him via email this week to follow up on how much of the studio work went unreleased.  

Here's what he said: "There are hundreds of unreleased songs in the 'vault.' I had figured that I had done about 60-70 sessions with him over the years, but I checked my 'journals' and realized I actually did around 125-140 sessions with him over the years and I'd estimate over 90 percent of what I recorded with him has never been released."

It's going to take years to sort it all out, but there's a lot of Prince music still to come.

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