Wiz Khalifa and Pete Wentz talk Boys of Zummer

Written by Scott Mervis on .

ZummerWiz Khalifa and Pete Wentz, of Fall Out Boy, are on a teleconference (Monday at 1 p.m.) talking about the Boys of Zummer Tour, which hits the First Niagara Pavilion on July 2.

Wiz's son, Sebastian, is throwing a small tantrum in the background. Sounds like they're at a pool. Connection is bad, but here's what they are saying:

Wiz on playing with live band: "I'm influenced by live music, the feeling you get from a live band, each musician playing their heart out. Some of my favorite bands are Queen, Journey, The Police ... I love Bob Marley, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, System of a Down, George Clinton, people who just really rock it live.

 Wiz on touring with Fall Out Boy: "It was a joint effort where I wanted to go on tour with a rock and roll group. It was more or less Fall Out Boy accepting it and saying, 'We want to do it as well'."

Pete on chemistry behind the scenes: "I would say that it's pretty natural, man. Going into the tour we were excited... Wiz is literally like the most laid-back dude. Always good vibes..."

Wiz on chemistry: "We all see each other in passing. At the end of the day, it feels like we're all there together, no separation between camps and crews. That's what I look for in a tour, that brotherhood."

Wiz on playing hometown: "Hometown shows are always the best -- backstage you have all your family there."

Pete on playing in Pittsburgh: "I'm excited to go to Pittsburgh because it's fun to see an artist in his hometown. That day is Wiz's day and I'm excited for that."

Pete on tour diversity: "To see the same kids enjoying both us and Wiz ... I think people are willing to give other music a shot now." Says he wishes it were like this when he was young and going to shows.

Wiz on collaborations: "A lot of the rock music I grew up listening to was mainstream ... It was different for me coming from where I came from, a lot of people in the hood don't enjoy music like that... When Fall Out Boy asked to do the remix on 'Uma Thurman,' I just said, 'I gotta kill it.'

Wiz on doors opening up with 'See You Again': "I haven't really experienced all the doors. It's the biggest song I've had in my career and every artist wishes for that...I'm blessed to have that kind of song and feeling going. Just really good to see people that happy."

At the end of the conference, I ask them if they are more careful these days on social media (and make reference to Iggy Azalea incident in Pittsburgh): Publicist jumps in with "We're going to move on from that question."

Conference ends with the two stars mumbling something inaudible, like "Did he get cut off?"

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