It's a red slumber party in gory new Dethlehem video

Written by Scott Mervis on .

It starts off all cute and dreamy, but, look out, the new video from Dethlehem turns into the stomach-turning bloodbath you'd expect from Pittsburgh's metal knights.

The video, for the song "Mystic Island" from the new album "Destroyers of the Realm," has four fangirls swooning for the boys of Dethlehem, and then turning the place into a red slumber party.

"I busted my ass on that one and ruined my friend's basement," drummer Overlord Brom says with a laugh.

"My friend wants to update her basement this summer, so she let us spill fake blood all over the carpet. I put like 100 old Dethlehem posters up on the walls, brought in an old bed, sheets from Goodwill, an old TV, etc. Dressed it up to look like a bedroom as best I could."

Over 12 hours, they spilled $150 in fake blood and were lucky to have some prop organs (not the instrument) lying around.


WARNING: It's gory as hell and definitely NSFW, but pretty awesome...


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