Volcano Dogs has echoes of Eviction

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volcanodogsThree-fifths of Eviction will take the stage at the 31st Street Pub (Strip) Friday with the debut of Volcano Dogs, but don’t expect that same thrash-metal sound from the ’80s.

“Eviction was metal with some punk tossed in,” says bassist Ted Williams. “Volcano Dogs has some of that but we are definitely not thrash or metal or punk. This band is a mixture of all the music we grew up on, listened to and played in our various bands: metal, hard rock, punk, ’70s rock, Swedish rock scene, you name it. I think there is everything from AC/DC to the Dead Boys to the Hellacopters, Motorhead, the Stones, you name it.”

Volcano Dogs reunites Williams with guitarist Rob Tabachka and drummer Ron Reidell, and adds frontman Bruce Lentz from horror-rock band Forbidden 5.

“After Eviction broke up, we all went in some direction — some band, some life, the typical, ya know,” Williams says.

He and Tabachka formed Pilsner, and Tabachka also went on to play in Silver Tongue Devil and Kabuki Thunder.

Recently, the moment arrived for the trio to start working together again.

“Ron, who had focused on family life, went and bought a new drum kit,” Williams says. “Rob had a handful of riffs and played them to me and we started to just get a feel of maybe the time was right to try something. Rob brought up bringing in Bruce to try out writing some lyrics and it just started to come together from there.”

evictionpicEvictionThe three Eviction guys hadn’t played together since 1990, but Williams says, “We locked right in like it was 1989 again!”

With seemingly every band on Earth having reunited at some point, will Eviction ever bite?

“Maybe someday. We do have a vinyl LP release of the re-mastered ‘Who Will Win’ demo coming in late spring,” Williams says.

Also on the bill Friday at 10 p.m. are Thunder Vest and Del Rios.


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