The Gotobeds headed to SXSW with Fear-ful new single

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gotobedsTexas weather will feel better than it ever has to the Pittsburghers heading to Austin next week for the SXSW music festival.

Garage-pop band The Neighbours will be joining the mighty Cynics for the Get Hip Records showcase at the Lit Lounge on March 14. (The Nox Boys can't get out of school.)

Among others representing Pittsburgh will be Badboxes, Cello Fury, Drowning Clowns, Sharon Needles and The Gotobeds.

It’s the first trip there for The Gotobeds which features two members of defunct punks and SXSW vets Kim Phuc: guitarist Eli Kasan and drummer Tom Payne.

“It’s basically an advertisement for your band, pretty much the whole point of the fest, which is cooler than CMJ or some [b.s.],” the guitarist says. “The idea is you go down when all this scattered media attention has all converged and try to catch the biggest fish.”

The Gotobeds debuted in late 2012 with a cassette and are working on a May/June LP release for 12XU, a label owned by Gerard Cosloy of the esteemed Matador Records.

“We got on Gerard’s radar after we played live on WFMU in Jersey last August,” Kasan says. “He called in to ask who the hell we were. I sent him a record and the demo tape, and he wrote back saying, ‘I immediately went online looking for the single when I heard it and couldn’t find it. Congrats on costing yourself a sale. What do you think I can do for you you can’t do for yourself?’ ”

The Gotobeds are timing their trip with the release a 7-inch single on the local Mind Cure Records called “New York’s Alright (If You Like Sex & Phones),” a twist on the old Fear song “New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones.”

“We basically bite every popular NYC band for the music — Sonic Youth, The Strokes, Television, Parquet Courts — and made a vague diss-track outta the lyrics just saying it’s ‘alright’ which in itself is like a Lou Reed joke of just saying ‘alright’ in about every song.”

You can catch the Gotobeds at Gooski’s at 10 p.m. Friday, March 7 with The Beagle Brothers. Admission is $6. The SXSW show is March 13 at Beerland. For band info, visit the Gotobeds facebook page.


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