NTMTO: The board that wouldn't die

Written by Scott Mervis on .


ntmtoImage posted on NTMTO this weekAs of Sunday morning, Major Kong has yet to ride the bomb and discussions prevail on Pittsburgh's nevertellmetheodds message board on such topics as "Best Places to Fart and Walk Away," "There is a buffet at the O today all day, 3/1/14" (unrelated) and "rare stick insect(s)."

In fact, threads like as "RIP SWEET NTMTO" and "How the Board Died 101" are beginning to slip to the bottom of the page, and a feeling of normalcy is setting in on a site that was set for extinction on March 1.

The administrator of NTMTO, which launched more than a decade ago as the Roboto board, posted on Wednesday afternoon that "starting March 1st" he was shutting down this "parade of frustration."

Within minutes, posters navigated the five stages -- denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance -- before settling right back into screwball comedy. It has, without question, been the funniest three days in the board's history, with a whipped cream topping of classic threads.

After an 11:59 p.m. Friday "boardmageddon" scare and an uneasy Saturday, NTMTO has come out the other side. Bands are even posting new show threads, as if life is normal.

As for the man behind the curtain, there's been nothing but a cool silence. Maybe he felt bad and changed his mind. Maybe he's enjoying a panic among peasants. Or maybe he has a real life and just forgot to hit the button. I'm hoping for the former.

(Another word of disclosure: I posted there for nine years, threw a hissy fit and "banned" myself last week, and now exist there as something of a ghost -- which will be hated on even for more this latest news update.)


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