A Carsickness/Five reunion (of sorts) at Howler's

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Standing Wave DennisSteveBack in the early ’80s, there wasn’t a wilder gig in town than a meeting of Carsickness and The Five.

Thursday at Howlers, members of the two legendary punk/noise bands will assemble for an evening of trance and oud music that shouldn’t require ear protection.

Carsickness members Steve Sciulli (electronic accordion) and Dennis Childers (drums) will share a stage together, debuting Standing Wave, an Americana trance duo whichthat Mr. Sciulli describes as “imagine King Crimson writing the soundtrack for the movie ‘Deliverance.’ ”

The two musicians had been part of the post-Carsickness Celtic roots band Ploughman’s Lunch in the ’90s with singer Karl Mullen, who is partly responsible for this current reunion.

“When that tsunami hit Japan a while back,” Mr. Scuilli says, “Karl was contacted by a Japanese guy whose prized collection of Carsickness albums was destroyed in the flood. He wanted to try and replace his precious records.

“At that point Karl contacted me and Dennis about a possible Carsickness reunion mainly to record new music. We were all up for it. At the same time Karl’s new Americana band The Wandering Rocks started to take off so the idea was put on hold. Dennis was coming out to see my bands Life in Balance and Raised By Machines, and we started talking about doing something together again.”

Mr. Sciulli and Mr. Childers played together last year in a brief project called The Darkroom, but Mr. Sciulli was looking to do something more intimate.

“The accordion seemed like an organic choice, so as we rehearsed with this new instrumentation we found that the other musicians we were playing with didn’t share our collective telepathy. Besides, we surprisingly had a full and big sound together. And, boy, did we have fun playing together.”

He says tonight’s gig, billed as a “Pre-Valentine’s Day Show: Music for Cynical Lovers,” will be the first time in more 30 years that ex-members of Carsickness

Ploughman’s Lunch will hook up with a Five member, in this case Tom Moran (electric oud/electric sitar/guitar) and wave drummer Katabu Masudi as Moran/Masudi.

“Tom’s been expanding and exploring beyond his musical boundaries for a few years now. I’ve been wanting to set something up with him for a while, and this seemed like a good fit: A pre-Valentine cynical love fest. We’ve always been friends. Music is a benevolent presence constantly available to all and we need to share this presence with those who have restricted hearing.”

Doors open at 8:30 p.m. with music at 9 The show is at 9 p.m. at Howlers, 4509 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield. $5. Call412-682-0320 or     


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