Problems with ticketless entry: A fan's perspective

Written by Scott Mervis on .

Ticketless entry is a system designed to cut down on scalping at concerts and sporting events.


If there's no ticket, it can be re-sold. With ticketless entry, the buyer pays by credit card and that card is scanned at the gate, at which point you get a voucher to go in. That way you don't have to memorize your section and seat number, and you have something to show the usher.


But clearly there are problems with it.


Here's an account from Ron Leibow, who attended the Black Keys/Flaming Lips concert on Tuesday night, and missed two Flaming Lips songs trying to get in:



Please tell the folks at Consol Energy Center that the ticketless entry was a disaster for many. 


I am certain there were success stories, but I was among many folks in their third or fourth line (main gate, to customer service, to main gate, to customer service) in an attempt to get their card to work in those machines and to finally result in, of all things, getting a ticket for them to scan. That was the "ticketless" entry.  Really? 


Some people like the email print tickets and that's fine. But I am old school having been to over 150 concerts in my lifetime including many, many large scale festivals – so I have some standing in commenting on this. Just send me a ticket in the mail - it's always a great souvenir. We did get that souvenir for the ticketless entry - but man what a hassle - for something so oxymoronic. For the fees we pay they should get a simple task like entering a venue correct.


The goofiest quirk about it is that if you are going with a group of people (let's just say four people), they ALL have to be present when you pick up your tickets for the ticketless entry.  The guy with the credit card is the leader and all the ducks behind him/her. You cannot arrive later or earlier. ALL at once. If one person is stuck in traffic, everyone else is hosed.  That's absurd!


Great show though! 


Have you had the same problem? What are your experiences with ticketless entry?



Here are the ticketless entry procedures from Ticketmaster:


 How do paperless tickets work?

All you need to attend the show is the credit card you used to purchase the ticket and a valid, 
government-issued ID (such as a driver's license, state ID or passport).


Can I pick up my tickets ahead of time?
Paperless tickets cannot be printed until CONSOL Energy Center gates open at 7:00 PM. 
Your ticket voucher will be printed at your time of entry.


Where should I go to get my tickets?


Guests with General Admission Floor tickets MUST enter through the Trib Total Media Gate on Centre Avenue.
Guests with other paperless tickets may enter through any public entrance at CONSOL Energy Center - the American Eagle Gate on Fifth Avenue, the Trib Total Media Gate on Centre Avenue or the Verizon Gate on Centre Avenue and proceed directly to a ticket-taker. At the gate, your credit card will be swiped and your ticket vouchers will be printed. Your tickets WILL NOT be available at the Will Call windows.

What if I purchased the tickets as a gift and will not be attending the show?

Please have the guest who is attending the show bring the credit card used to purchase the tickets and the corresponding valid, government-issued ID as wellas the account number provided to you at the time of purchase. 

If you cannot bring the credit card with you to the event, please bring as much information as possible (account number provided to you at the time of purchase, copy of original purchaser's valid photo identification)


How can my tickets be printed if my entire party does not arrive at the same time?
Your entire party must be present at the time that the credit card is swiped by a ticket-taker. 
Once the credit card has been swiped, all ticket vouchers for that account are printed and are automatically scanned for entry. Ticket vouchers may not be left at Will Call.

What do I do if my credit card can't be properly scanned at the gate?

A representative from Ticketmaster will be present at each gate to handle any issues. If your issue cannot be resolved at the gate, you will be directed to the Box Office, located in the Trib Total Media Lobby. 
Please do not initially proceed to the Box Office before having your credit card swiped at the gate. 
Your tickets WILL NOT be available at the Will Call windows.


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