Thurston Moore bumps Chux Beta from show over 'stripper' comment

Written by Scott Mervis on .

chuxbetaChux Beta was thrilled to open for one of its musical heroes, Thurston Moore, and his new band Chelsea Light Moving, Tuesday night at Mr. Smalls.

At the last minute, though, the band claims that it has been squeezed out of that spot, replaced by Shockwave Riderz, the new band from The Modey Lemon's Paul Quattrone and Phil Boyd.

The reason?

The band says it was told by promoter Opus One Productions that the Sonic Youth guitarist was offended by a live video from the Pittsburgh Rock Awards where one of the Chux Beta members jokes, "Where are the strippers?" -- who had been on stage presenting the band with an award.

CB's James Dunn says,"In your humble opinion, do you really think Thurston Moore watched a [crappy] Chux Beta YouTube clip? I mean come on!"

He adds, "I just don't see Thurston Moore being offended by 'Where are the strippers? I would've believed, 'Hey they didn't like your music.' "

Normally, he says, a comment about strippers would not appear in one of the band's videos.

"We're 30 somethings in a glorified grunge band," Dunn says laughing, "not Mötley Crüe."

He speculates that the real reason is that the Modey Lemon is just better connected in the scene.

"We support so many Pittsburgh bands and causes. We did a St. Jude's benefit, we try and do the right thing and keep plugging along and this is the thanks you get," Dunn says, adding, "It's hard not to talk about this without sounding like an entitled child."

Sticking with company policy, Opus One did not comment, and Moore is not doing interviews.

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