Grammys, Oscars depart in thanking the fans

Written by Scott Mervis on .

In the Grammys and Oscars, we have two awards shows meant to celebrate their respective industries. For the most part, the similarities end there.

The Grammy show, more than ever, is loaded with live performances and keeps the presentation of actual awards down to around 10. The Oscars show skimps on performance (and clips, for that matter) and is mostly about the awards, right down to sound editing and makeup.

But there's another big difference, which impacts the overall tone of the show.

Music blogger Bob Lefsetz, who publishes the well-read Lefsetz Letter, wrote a piece this week called "The Oscar Show," in which he noted:

"Musicians thank their fans. Actors thank their agents. Who do you think keeps this business alive? All those people you’re thanking that no one knows… Lean into the mic and thank the people who bought the tickets!"

Yep. The musicians often thank a manager or record label, but almost always come around to holding the Grammy out to fans and offering a big thank you.

Clearly, the industries are depart along these lines. Each band/artist is like a small business unto itself, and the fans buy directly into it when they purchase an album (which is increasingly rare) or a concert ticket. Actors are a smaller part of a much larger picture and feel less like the spokesperson for the project.

Still, the feeling you get watching the more glamorous Oscars show is that the stars parading across the stage are above it all and have little connection to the folks in the seats. Lefsetz is right. It wouldn't hurt to see an actor or director acknowledge the people who actually pay for their mansions.

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