12-12-12- is 'Owl Time' for Kellee Maize

Written by Scott Mervis on .

kellee_cardShe dropped her third album on 11-11-11, and now Kellee Maize is back again on 12-12-12.

The spiritual Pittsburgh rapper/singer released her new album, "Owl Time," today on FrostWire, the site where her previous record, "Integration," was downloaded almost 150,000 times.

" 'Owl Time' represents an idea that was born out of our newly formed performance and healing collective the Owl Tribe," she notes of the record. "The native message of the owl represents awareness, clairvoyance, the sacred feminine and is a messenger."

Image a New Age, "psychically attuned," politically aware, Mother Earth-respecting Nicki Minaj and you get a sense of where Maize goes with these songs. Her message: "Shift from the love of power to the power of love." But don't click on thinking "Owl Tribe" won't be edgy, sexy, fun and highly rhythmic.

Go to and it comes right up.

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