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The first-ever Make Music Pittsburgh is coming, and the organizers are looking for venues and artists to be part of a worldwide event showcasing a variety of music and bringing live performance to city neighborhoods. For those interested in being a performer or host, here is additional information from the organizer:

On June 21, 2015 Pittsburgh will launch its first annual Make Music Pittsburgh in all of the inner city neighborhoods. Make Music Pittsburgh is a festival designed to show off our local musical talent and inspire others to play music as well. Originally started in France in 1982, Pittsburgh will become one of over 700 cities globally to play music on June 21, 2015 as part of a global Make Music Day celebration of music which always takes place on the summer solstice. Whether it's hip hop in Lawrenceville, gospel in Highland Park, blue grass in Squirrel Hill, classical in the Hill District, or kids playing the harmonica in Bloomfield, Make Music Pittsburgh is about what we as a city decide to make it. Every musician has the power to choose where they are located and every location can match with their preferred style of music – just keep it outdoors so everyone can enjoy!

Open Call For Venues:

Venues are needed to sign up to get a musician to play out front of their locations. Venues include businesses, empty lots, and parks. This year Make Music Pittsburgh will focus on neighborhood business districts to help promote business, however venues outside of business districts are able to sign up.

Venues can sign up at and specify what style music they would like to have out front of their business. Once they sign up to the matching site, we will be able to pair them with an artist.

Open Call For Artists:

Artists of all types are welcome to play regardless of age, type of music, or level of ability. Street artists/buskers are not required to receive a permit for playing on the sidewalk in the city of Pittsburgh – as long as they do not block the sidewalk or street, and as long as no one complains about noise.

Therefore artists are welcome to play outside anywhere. Make Music Pittsburgh has provided a matching site as well if artists would like to schedule time in front of specific venues. Benefits of schedule through the matching program also include a concert listing on the website and app.

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