"Out of the Furnace" too good for Woody Harrelson to ignore

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Woody Harrelson’s wife read the script for “Out of the Furnace” and said: “I have to go take a shower after reading this, I don’t see why anyone would want to make this into a movie.”

But he did it anyway, of course, he told David Letterman early today.

“I had to do it because I knew it would be great and it turned out great. Just because it’s dark” is not a reason to avoid it, Harrelson said.

In “Out of the Furnace,” written and directed by Scott Cooper, Harrelson plays a brutal crime boss, a character Letterman said is “rock-solid, God-awful evil.” The talk-show host said, “I’m telling you. Go see this and then go see it again and then call your clergyman.”

In the movie, Christian Bale plays Russell Baze, who works a dead-end job at a steel mill by day and cares for his terminally ill father at night. When his brother (Casey Affleck) returns from serving in Iraq, he gets lured into a ruthless crime ring and disappears, prompting Russell to take matters into his own hands.

In a clip shown on Letterman’s show, Bale’s character appears to be eavesdropping and then interrupts a meeting in which a threat is issued. Harrelson asks, “Your mama teach you to barge in like that?”

Bale responds: “You got a problem with me?” And Harrelson levels a withering glance at him and snarls, “I got a problem with everybody.”

Letterman concluded the segment with: “Man. Oh, buddy. You just want to go see this to see how these guys behave and you’re thinking, do I know anybody like this? And holy crap if you do, good luck.”

The film, also with Zoe Saldana, Sam Shepard and Willem Dafoe, shot in Braddock, North Braddock, Rankin and elsewhere in Western Pennsylvania for 30-plus days in 2012. It opens Dec. 6.

Photo of Harrelson and Bale by Kerry Hayes.

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