'Wolverine' claws its way to No. 1

Written by Barbara Vancheri on .

Box-office observers expected “The Wolverine” to be No. 1. The only question was:  How much would it make its first weekend? 
And the answer is $55 million in North America and roughly $141.1 million worldwide, according to (Above, Hugh Jackman, who plays the title role.)
Here are the estimates for the weekend, with final numbers expected on Monday:  
1. “The Wolverine” — $55,000,000.
2. “The Conjuring” — $22,130,000, bringing its total to $83,867,000.
3. “Despicable Me 2” — $16,024,360, for $306,412,945 in four weeks. 
4. “Turbo” — $13,325,000, or $55,767,998 to date. 
5. “Grown Ups 2” — $11,500,000, allowing it to cross the $100 million mark to $101,664,000.
6. “RED 2” — $9,400,000, for $35,074,356. 
7. “Pacific Rim” — $7,540,000, or $84,026,000. 
8. “The Heat” — $6,850,000, or $141,244,744 in five weeks. 
9. “R.I.P.D.” — $5,856,750, or $24,351,730. 
10. “Fruitvale Station” — $4,657,000 from 1,064 theaters (other movies are playing in two to three times that many locations), bumping its overall total to $6,339,316. 
“The Wolverine,” by the way, was not previewed for Pittsburgh critics because Fox typically will only screen movies in the top 30 markets and, by its measure, Pittsburgh falls out of that range. 
When it comes to TV, we are roughly No. 23 and other studios place us higher but we land below the dreaded line, by Fox’s measurement, which is why we published a wire review on Friday. 

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