'Conjuring' scares up box-office win

Written by Barbara Vancheri on .

Nothing like a good old-fashioned horror movie to spice up a summer dominated by superheroes and sequels. 
“The Conjuring” was No. 1 for the weekend, bringing in an estimated $41,530,000, according to It tells the true (although condensed) story of a family menaced by demons in the old farmhouse they bought in Rhode Island. 
Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston play the parents of five daughters who move their family into a truly haunted house and Vera Farmiga (above) and Patrick Wilson are the demonologists and paranormal investigators who come to their aid.
Farmiga and Wilson play real-life Lorraine and Ed Warren and the story was drawn from their case files. (Ed has since died.) There already has been talk about a sequel and this might propel it, although Farmiga and Wilson are both busy actors. 
Here is how the box office shakes out, with final numbers to come on Monday: 
blogturbo1. “The Conjuring” — $41,530,000. 
2. “Despicable Me 2” — $25,059,200, bringing its North American total to $276,159,235. 
3. “Turbo” — $21,500,000, for $31,202,759 since its Wednesday release in 2-D and 3-D, same as many family films. 
4. “Grown Ups 2” — $20,000,000, for $79,500,000 in two weeks.
5. “RED 2” — $18,500,000.
6. “Pacific Rim” — $15,955,000, or $68,235,000 to date. 
7. “R.I.P.D.” — $12,762,700.
8. “The Heat” — $9,325,000, for $129,292,436 since release. 
9. “World War Z” — $5,200,000, or $186,941,000 in five weeks. 
10. “Monsters University” — $5,005,000, for $248,998,000 in five weeks. 

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