Made-in-Pittsburgh movie with Julianne Moore now on demand

Written by Barbara Vancheri on .

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6soulsposterIn the movie world, five years can be an eternity.

That’s how long it’s been since “Shelter” wrapped up filming in Pittsburgh.

Since then, the movie starring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been renamed “6 Souls” is on demand (if you’re a Comcast customer, it’s available on Xfinity On Demand today for $9.99) and headed for some theaters.

I did a story about the shoot in May 2008.

At the time, details were being kept under wraps but the makers acknowledged that Moore plays psychiatrist Dr. Cara Jessup, who has made a career out of defying the notion of multiple personality disorders and providing such convincing courtroom testimony that many defendants have been sentenced to death.

Rhys Meyers is a patient who prompts her to question her beliefs in God and science and to fear her family is in danger.

On Comcast, look for “Movies” and “Just In” folders. (I’m a Verizon Fios customer at home and haven’t seen it listed but I plan to check. Also not sure if the movie will turn up at a theater in Pittsburgh.)

Here’s a link to my 2008 story:


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