Day-Lewis, Lawrence meet the media

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Transcripts from backstage interviews with Daniel Day-Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence show they're both quite funny.  
The only actor to pull off an Oscar three-peat for leading roles was asked if he had been able to come out of character now. 
He replied:  “I’m definitely out of character at this moment.  If I slip back into it by mistake, you can do an intervention of some kind, Heimlich maneuver or whatever, if I get stuck in character.  No, I’m definitely out of character now.”
As for his many, eloquent acceptance speeches, those are all his. No one has been helping him. 
“But if you can’t find your own words to say in situations like this, I think that would be a little sad, wouldn’t it?  Personally, I have to say that is so sweet of you to say that, but I kind of love it when people are completely inarticulate with their speeches, and it says the same thing in a different way.”
Lawrence from “Silver Linings Playbook” joked:   “This  isn’t like an auction, right?  You guys aren’t going to take it away?”
Asked about her preparation for the ceremony, she told the media:  “The process today was so stressful.  I felt like Steve Martin in ‘Father of the Bride’ watching my house just be torn apart, and my whole family was getting ready.”
Friends stopped by, she said, but it was mostly chaotic. “I just woke up and tried on a dress, and it fit, thank God, and then I took a shower,” and had her hair and makeup fixed. Then she came to the Oscars. 
She didn’t eat on Sunday because she was so stressed — but then ended up “starving in the car ride over, and that sucked.” Still, she was less nervous than the last time, when nominated for “Winter’s Bone,” because she had been through this before and knew more people, which allowed her to feel less awkward. 
Her verdict on host Seth MacFarlane: Hilarious. 
(Above: Presenter Meryl Streep, left, and best actor winner Daniel Day Lewis exit the stage at the Oscars at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday Feb. 24, 2013, in Los Angeles. Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)
(Below: Acting winners Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway and Christoph Waltz. Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP)

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