'Zero Dark Thirty' tops box office

Written by Barbara Vancheri on .

zerodarkpicblog0113"Zero Dark Thirty," the Oscar-nominated picture about the search and killing of Osama bin Laden, was No. 1 for the weekend.

But the movie that made the most money per screen was "A Haunted House," which finished second ahead of "Gangster Squad."
People are desperate for comedies, even ones that aren't previewed for critics or are panned by them.

Here are the early figures courtesy of As always, they will be updated on Monday:

1. "Zero Dark Thirty" — $24,000,000, for $29,481,000 to date.
2. "A Haunted House" — $18,817,000.
3. "Gangster Squad" — $16,710,000.
4. "Django Unchained" — $11,075,000, bringing its North American total to $125,399,122.
5. "Les Miserables" — $10,127,420, for $119,206,140 to date.
6. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" — $9,080,000, bringing its total to $278,124,000.
7. "Lincoln" — $6,314,000, for $152,579,000 so far.
8. "Parental Guidance" — $6,100,000, for $60,650,304 since release before Christmas.
9. "Texas Chainsaw 3-D" — $5,150,000, upping its total to $30,751,740.
10. "Silver Linings Playbook" — $5,000,000, from only 810 screens, for $41,305,705.
11. "Jack Reacher" — $4,970,000, for a respectable $72,778,000.


Photos courtesy of Sony. Above:  James Gandolfini. Below: Jessica Chastain.

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